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Data to Documents

Data is lifeblood of every organization and the foundation for every document, or piece of information, generated by a company. With growing regulations, smaller budgets and shorter timelines, companies must leverage information automation systems to achieve their goals. SYQUENCE is a cloud-based tool that helps companies quickly turn their data into documents with the fewest number of humnan resources.

Centralized Planning & Tracking

Realtime Compliance Metrics

Structured Document Authoring

Online Reviews & Approvals

Dynamic Structured Publishing

Controlled Data Lists

Unlimited Configurable Templates

Automated Imports (Excel, XML)

ideal for:

Regulatory Information

Clinical Operations

Medical Affairs

Commercial Communications


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Sylogent develops software that maximizes regulatory compliance, reduces operational costs and optimizes resource value. We leverage an integrated knowledge of process, data, technology and people to design solutions that deliver measurable results.

Compliance Tracking

Process Management

Enterprise Task Planning

Budgeting & Forecasting

Workflow Automation

Structured Data Management

Interactive Electronic Forms

Alerts & Notifications

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Since 2002, Sylogent software has been utilized by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

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